Pirates Grog Rum

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Pirates Grog 5 ans vieilli rhum hondurien miniature - 50 ml Le rhum hondurien Pirog's Grog est un...
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Pirates Grog Rum Miniatures

The story behind Pirates Grog Rum tells of an enduring adventure that takes place in the high seas of the Carribean, specifically in the small island of Roatan where pirates and buccaneers were said to take a break in between their ocean-filled adventures. Truly an active brand partaking in the rum revolution, the brand has released several variants to suit every possible preference of rum enthusiasts.

With a Pirates Grog gift set, however, even those who have yet to grow a nose and taste for rum will be game for an adventure of a lifetime. The presentation of the gift set itself is exquisite and provides an excellent presentation of the rich history of rum inside the bottle. The Pirate's Grog rum gift chest features a bottle of Pirates Grog in a wooden, antique-looking wood shaped like a treasure chest. Upon opening, the bottle rests on a stack of hay with a rolled and sealed scroll which adds a touch of pirate to the presentation.

You can share the same pirate effect with your guests by choosing to giveaway the Pirates Grog miniature gift set which you can request to be personalised. In particular, the Pirates Grog 3 Piece Miniature Gift Set comes with three bottles of Pirates Grog --Pirate’s Grog Five Year, Pirate’s Grog No. 13, and Black Ei8ht Coffee Rum -- packaged in a miniature wooden treasure chest. The look and feel is completed by a wax-sealed scroll also tucked inside the chest.