Panama Rum Barrel

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Rum barrel miniature
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Panama Pacific Rum Miniature

Crafted to impress, Old St. Andrews is the brand of a top alcohol curator and bottler of premium quality alcoholic beverages encased in magnificent presentations of exquisite bottles and unexpected oak casks that make every piece worthy for collection and gift-giving. The Panama rum barrel miniature available in 5cl and 70 cl sizes are particularly reminiscent of the dark rum’s rough origins. The Admiral’s Cask Premium Panama rum 5cl is a tribute to high standards of rum in Panama were sugar cane, the raw ingredient of rum, is grown in abundance.

It also has historical underpinnings pointing to the story of Lord Admiral Nelson’s body having been shipped back to England in a cask to preserve his body following he was killed in the Battle of Trafalgar.

There are at least three reasons why you wouldn’t be able to resist a Panama rum small bottle or cask. These include is unique miniature cask packaging, its conversation-worthy history, and the well-respected rum of Panama origins inside. Anybody you plan to give it to will also want to own one and keep one for the very same reasons. 

While you are sampling the exquisite character of Panama rum, the Panama Pacific also comes highly recommended. For tasting, try a Panama pacific rum miniature.