Glen's Vodka

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Glen's Plain Vodka Miniature - 50ml La vodka nature de Glen est distillée à partir de betterave à...
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Glen's Vodka Small Bottles

A popular vodka produced by the Loch Lomond Group in Scotland, Glen’s Plain Vodka is distilled from sugar beets. The result is plain vodka taste with a kiss of natural sweetness that gives vodka-based cocktails line the palate with a pleasant flavour and aftertaste. A Glen's vodka small bottle proves to be perfect for single-serve as well as short fixes of cocktails.

Reportedly the second best-selling spirit in the United Kingdom in 2014, Glen’s vodka mini is a crisp and unadulterated rendition of this classic Russian spirit. For vodka enthusiasts, Glen’s Plain may be perceived in many different ways. There is no question, however, that a small bottle of Glen’s vodka is a true-blooded vodka that comes at a 37.5% ABV.

A Glen's vodka mini bottle boldly shows the clear liquor inside, comes with a label printed on the bottle with a red crown cap. A Glen’s vodka miniature can be the perfect highlight to toast best wishes for the bride and groom or, wish a birthday celebrant many more years of health and bounty. Consider a mini Glen’s vodka gift set for a loved one who just can’t get enough of spiking his lemonade, strawberry slush or fresh fruit smoothies with alcohol.