Ghost Vodka

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Une bouteille miniature de vodka avec une étiquette personnalisée pour un nom de votre choix. Livré dans une petite...
Les noix non salées cuites au four Dormen.
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Ghost Vodka Miniatures

Refined, pure and elegant, the Ghost Vodka wouldn’t be a ghost without a jagged edge. Ghost Vodka from the imposing bottles to the bold liquor, is gloriously unlike any run-of-the-mill vodka, despite its rather relatively recent birth in the world of spirits. Ghost vodka miniatures share the same upbringing and a quintessentially British pride at that. 

Luxurious and distinctly different, this vodka is blended with flavours undeniably British, and unapologetically over-the-top. The Ghost Vodka Gold, Silver, and Union Jack Skull are the three core variants from this vodka label. Said to be distilled in Cambridge where ghosts are believed to roam freely, the Ghost Vodka Gold variant opens up to a fruity aroma and lines the palate with a spiced vanilla-caramel flavour. The Ghost Vodka Silver Skull and Ghost Vodka Union Jack Skull give off the same experience in aroma and flavour, they just come in two other different skull colours but the liquor inside is the same.

A Ghost Vodka 5cl is an exact replica of any of the three regular-sized bottles of these core variants. They do make great favours for Halloween or, a ghost-themed club party. Although, these bottles will just as well make intriguing favours for a company function or a bachelor’s party.

A miniature Ghost Vodka bottle may have a skull on the label but, it’s far from being a poison. If you’re not sure how to gift a Ghost Vodka mini, just go ahead and open a bottle for your personal enjoyment. Every mini bottle comes with 40% ABV.