Game of Thrones Whisky Collection

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Caorunn small batch Scottish Gin a un aspect magnifique et parfaitement clair, identique à l'eau pure écossaise cristalline...
La bouche est corsée, propre, croquante , doux et aromatique.
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Game of Thrones Whisky Collection

The Game of Thrones Whisky Collection is reminiscent of the incredibly unforgettable warring characters of the story that captured the imagination of an entire generation. With a Johnnie Walker backing this limited-edition whisky set, collectors will have a way to preserve the memories of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros and relive the most memorable feats of the protagonists.

The Game of Thrones Whisky Set is composed of the following special blends, listed with the corresponding House that they represent:

  • Dalwhinnie Winter’s Frost, representing the House Stark
  • Glendullan Select, for the House Tully
  • Lagavulin 9 Year Old, characterizing the House Lannister
  • Cardhu Gold Reserve, with flavours depicting the House Targaryen
  • Royal Lochnagar 12 Year, representing House Baratheon
  • Clynelish Reserve, symbolizing House Tyrell
  • Talisker Select Reserve, which stands for House Greyjoy

 The collection also comes with the following:

  • Johnnie Walker White Walker
  • Oban Little Bay Reserve which symbolizes The Night’s Watch

 This Game of Thrones Malt Whisky is made up of single malt, each one carrying the distinguishing characteristics of each house. The Dalwhinnie is fruity with a distinct toffee and milk chocolate taste. The Glendullan is not far with its blend of sweet, spicy and fruity flavour. Lagavulin has a pronounced floral aroma which catches the first-timer with the surprising smoked fish flavour. Cardhu bears the three-headed dragon, the seal of the House Targaryen. It smells of melted honey with a taste of blended milk, chocolate and caramel which makes it very light on the palate.

The Royal Lochnagar is a blend of sorts with an overall mild taste but with the distinct oak taste and a wood spice aftertaste. The Clynelish has a perfumed aroma of flowers and a taste of smoked fruits and honey. Talisker opens up with a smoky vanilla and toffee flavours and ends with the same taste with a hint of spice.