Freixenet Prosecco Miniatures

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Freixenet Prosecco Miniatures

With a long history that traces back to 1861, the Freixenet brand is a tradition in itself that has been celebrated for many, many generations. When the family-owned winery chose a path that very few winemakers chose and decided to keep making wine using traditional methods, the stage was set for the making of what would eventually become “the world leader in sparkling wines made using the Traditional Method”. The painstaking process of winemaking that Freixenet has adopted are captured in Freixenet miniatures, that includes what many people also refer to as Freixenet Champagne mini bottles although, technically, “champagne” is used only for sparklies produced in Champagne, France.

Today, Freixenet is highly distinguished for its Spanish Cava. Even as adherence to tradition and premium standards were the first order of the day for Freixenet, the Spanish powerhouse has its eyes set on becoming the preferred brand for sparkling wine which prompted the launch of Freixenet Prosecco which the Spanish giant bravely entered despite Prosecco having Italian origins.

Made for light drinking, the tangy combination of apples and lemons give each sip of Freixenet Prosecco a vibrant character that reinvigorates your taste and livens up your senses. Care for sampling? Taste test this new product from Freixenet with a FreixenetProsecco miniature.

In case you want to test drive the whole range, there’s a Freixenet mini for every bottle in the range, that includes the Freixenet Cava Rosado Brut and Freixenet Cava Cordon Negro Brut. Freixenet mini bottles of Cordon Negro Cava are also available. Freixenet small bottles of alcohol-free Legero bubblies are also on-hand for non-alcoholic beverage drinkers.