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Feigling Vodka Mini Bottles

When “cheerful, happy people gather, KleinerFeigling is not far away,” the translation on the Feigling Schnapps German maker’s website reads. Feigling liquor is expressed with an alcohol content that comes in 15% and 20% expressions. Feigling vodka mini bottles are highly recommended taken chilled and as it is, mixed together in a tall glass or, added to sodas, juices, or popular and classic bar cocktails.

Feigling 2cl bottles come in the Original and several other variants. Two of the most popular varieties are the FeiglingBubblegum and Feigling Coco Biscuit flavours. Feigling alcohol is also sold in Magic Mango, Erdbeer Colada, Kirsch-Banana, Peppermint, American Ice Tea, American Popcorn, and Luxury Licorice flavours.

German liquor makers, BEHN, founded in 1892, is a family-run distillery. It manufactures some of the best-loved liquor brands in Germany with a global distribution network. Other than packaging Feigling small bottles, BEHN also manufactures convenience food.

When you’re looking for alcohol to keep the party spirit at your birthday or wedding celebration alive, just look for the two wide-awake eyes on the label of a Feigling miniature. Whether you prefer Feigling shots or prefer it mixed, a Feigling satisfies your cravings for a tipple. Give it as a gift for the Holidays or, bag one for your traveller guest.