English Whisky Co

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Petite boîte cadeau rose brumeuse pour spiritueux miniatures & amp; Liqueurs
Cultivé en Afrique du Sud, le petit fruit ovale jaunâtre du Marula est principalement l'ingrédient principal de cette...
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English Whisky Co Mini Bottles

“Distilled with pride in the heart of Norfolk,” English Whisky Co mini bottles and regular sized servings call St. George’s Distillery it's home. Built by the Nelstrop Family of distillers, this distillery has been specifically designed to create quintessentially English single malt whisky using only locally grown barley and water from local sources.

No artificial flavourings and no artificial colours, even the English whisky co 5cl bottles undergo a traditional aging process in ex-bourbon-filled oak casks. Some variants are also allowed to mature in casks that formerly held sherry and other wine casks. English Whisky Co small bottles include the core variants, Original, Smokey, and Sherry Cask which come at alcohol expressions of 43%, 43% and 56.5%, respectively.

Luxurious, classy and elegant, an English Whisky Co gift set will meet the preferences of the highly trained palate of a whisky enthusiast just as well as it would suit the satisfaction of the new whisky drinker. For your father, brother, boss, best friend or, simply to give in to your personal whisky cravings, reach for a small bottle of English Whisky Co. Consider personalising the labels to render your unique style preference and to immortalize what you have to say.