Bramley & Gage Miniatures

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Quand un esprit classique rencontre l'une des saveurs les plus riches, les plus chaudes et les plus délectables...
Le Benriach 12 ans a été vieilli dans des fûts de Sherry et est filtré sans refroidissement.
Les miniatures Three Barrels Brandy sont présentées en bouteilles claires de 5cl. avec un long cou et un...
Three Barrels Brandy Miniatures
Sa liqueur jaune clair la couleur transparaît à travers le flacon transparent à long col qui est livré...
La bouteille miniature Jagermeister 2cl est la plus petite bouteille Jagermeister vendue et offre une portion solo de...
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Bramley & Gage Miniatures

Bramley & Gage miniatures are inspired the highly successful line of liqueurs and vermouths from the proud home of the strikingly smooth sand undeniably famous 6 O’Clock Gin -- the gin that started the streak of accolades for everything Bramley & Gage. From fruit farmers in Devon turned worldwide distributors of well-loved gins, brandies and liqueurs, the makers of Bramley & Gage continue to run the distillery in an artisanal fashion. 

Wines and spirits are formulated with whole fruits with no added artificial colourings and preservatives. The Bramley & Gage sloe gin miniature is certified organic, contains high sloe to gin ratio maturing to 26% alcohol per volume. Its intense, natural flavour contains less sugar than most other sloe gins on the market today.

The brand is also famous for its liqueurs that are available in a wide range of flavours, including the Bramley & Gage quince liqueur miniatures and Bramley & Gage vermouth miniature, also known as Bramley wine 5cl. The Bramley &Gage elderflower miniature liqueur is extraordinarily special. Elderflowers are painstakingly handpicked and aged, resulting in a slightly tinged but still clear and transparent liquid that can be taken up on its own or, savoured on top of a fresh fruit salad.

These selections from Bramley & Gage make for a great accompaniment to meals, as well as an aperitif or digestif. The Bramley & Gage Cook's mini selection seals your wishes for the host. It consists of four of the mouth-watering flavours that include the Sloe Gin, Quince, Raspberry and Creme de Cassis.